Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Greetings from Taipei

Hey y'all. After 12 and 1/2 hours flying over the Pacific Ocean without seeing the sun for at least 17 hours, I am safely in Taiwan. It is 6:10 am Thursday, July 30. I only spent 2 hours in Wednesday and it wasn't the greatest day. I am typing super fast because I don't want to risk plugging Hayward into the outlets here to charge (they look like ours, but I'm not sure of the voltage) and have him blow-up. The journey has taken me 3 days. Even though by your time it's only been 2. My knees hurt because of all the sitting I've done. Taipei doesn't seem to be so humid, since my hair is somewhat decent. Not yet poofy. Anyway, had beef, potatoes, and cheesecake (at least, I think it was) for dinner on the airplane this morning at 2:30ish am San Francisco time. Had a Chinese breakfast of rice soup, a roll, and fruit sometime between 2:45 ish and 3:30 ish this morning Taiwan/Hong Kong/Zhongshan time. The rice soup wasn't actually so bad. I ate most of it.

Right now I'm just sitting in the terminal A8 waiting until 6:55 when we can start boarding the plane. I've been trying since San Francisco to get a decent wifi interent connection and thank God for A8!

Hahaha, I might seem a little disjointed in my writing, but that's because I'm operating on what I estimate to be something between 2-4 hours of sleep. But I'm not tired, so my dad was right about arriving here being better than coming home and adjusting. Not that I know the difference officially, but I'm guessing.

Anyway, thanks for the warm wishes and keeping me in your prayers!


  1. I forgot to mention, I have now seen 2 different men wearing masks, like for the Swine Flu or something.

    Also: Chinese Airlines Rule *holds up peace sign*

  2. Postscript:

    I had to use the bathroom, and most of the toilets are western. Only one was a sorta trench thing, but it was still pretty nice looking.

    Needless to say, I didn't use it :)

  3. Also, I changed the time on my computer for this time zone, and some of the ads on facebook and other words on different sites are in Chinese!

  4. I'm glad you got there safe. :)
    China rule.